Monday, July 12, 2010

Babaloo gets a makeover!

Hello everyone.

Well the Soccer World Cup is over and what a month it has been! I can't believe it has come and gone and all the excitement is over. Well done to the champions: Spain! I hope the good emotions that came with the world cup stays on though - the country really was in amazing spirits.

Around camp Alex is back today from his leave and Herman goes on leave as of tomorrow. That is it for the week with regards to staff coming and going on / from leave!

Around camp everyone is keeping busy and today we had to repair the accelerator cable on Jigga as it snapped this morning again - but Jared has fixed it for the afternoon drive and all should be well.

Saturday morning started off with a great sighting of Buffalo and some white Rhino. Giraffe have been ever present around the Quarantine area and we have been seeing the 2 mothers with their 2 calves quite a bit lately which has been very amusing.

Saturday afternoon with Tara and myself saw all the pachyderms! A great sighting with a crash of white Rhino and then some Elephant with Hippo at Gowrie dam followed by in the late afternoon a dimly lit sighting of some old Buffalo bulls.

Pictures of the newly done up Babaloo looking very handsome!!

Sunday's drives began with Jared and myself only managing to go out for about 20 minutes due to battery problems and having to retire early. But Jared sat in final control and spoke to the viewers for the rest of the drive and got some fantastic questions in and lots of interaction from everyone.

The afternoon drive went out with Tara and Herman and they managed to find some great general game: Giraffe again, a few warthog, a dazzle of zebra and some antelope. And a small herd of Buffalo as well.

And to end of the evening Marc sat round the fire and went through the week's highlights. Adding some of the other presenter's highlights and what they enjoyed about the week as well.

We had a wonderful sunny almost Summer day yesterday which was such a nice change to some of the cold days we have been experiencing - but due to the windy weather yesterday also, a cold front has blown in today and things are a little on the chilly side once again. But it is more than half way through Winter and not long to go before the wonderful Spring season comes around.

Enjoy your day and till next time folks.


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