Sunday, July 18, 2010

Birds Galore!

Hello everyone and hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

We are all busy here at camp still getting the 3D rig up and running. Will has been here over the weekend to assist Alex in working on the vehicle and things are coming along.

On the leave front Herman is still away and Jared and I will be going on leave on Tuesday for 2 weeks. That leaves Tara, Marc, Patrick who will back tomorrow, Alex and Sebastien in camp so it will be all hands on deck. Siphiwe is due for her weeks leave next week aswell.

Just before I sat down to write this I had spent about a half hour outside running after birds trying to take their pictures. We had a wonderful bird party outside with Chinspot Batis's, Puff back shrikes, Grey headed bush Shrikes, White Bellied Sunbirds, Yellow throated Apalis and Green Back Camaroptera as well. I love seeing all sorts of birds like this together - it refreshes my knowledge on who is what and also gives me a chance to run and around and take photos which is always a joy for me.

On the game drive front, Friday morning began with Jared and myself going out looking for anything we could find. As the morning was incredibly cold we did not see much but toward the end of the drive we came upon 4 hyena walking up the road which was great! And we also saw lots and lots of Zebra throughout the drive.

In the afternoon Tara and Jared went out and saw some general game. And to end of the day Marc spent some time in Final Control with the viewers for a half hour doing his ReMarcable creatures and talking about insects he had seen on leave.

On Saturday Jared and I went out again in another very cold morning spell and found some lion tracks that we tried to follow up on. We looked high and low but to no avail, the cats were hiding from us. We moved onto the burnt area on Cheetah cutline and found a dazzle of Zebra. We watched a small Zebra foul run and play around charging and kicking up and down the road - very fun and sweet to watch such a small animal with such a spring to it's step.

The afternoon team headed out and had more luck with the weather having warmed up. Marc and Tara saw some elephant and spend a bit of time watching the 2 bulls they had come across. Meanwhile toward the end of the drive, I spotted a leopard at Gowrie dam and they were able to make their way there but the batteries on the Jigga gave out and we were unable to broadcast but everyone did manage to spot Induna on the wall for a couple of minutes.

All in all, the sightings seem to be picking up a little bit which is good and this will be my last Blog for the next 2 weeks. As usual I will be handing over to Tara who will keep you all entertained whilst I am away.

See you all in 2 weeks.


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