Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The cold front is back!

Hello everyone from another cold and windy day at Sabi Sands. The cold front has arrived from the South Coast and our wonderful warm days of ‘summer’ weather are gone, but we are in winter, so I suppose the cold weather is bound to hit us from time to time.

Herman has left on his leave and was jet setting off to Cape Town yesterday. Alex is back and is working fiercely on the 3D rig to get it up and running!

The rest of us in camp are going about our daily duties and myself, Jared and Siphiwe are installing in the new Final Control, carpeting, which Alex kindly brought back from Johannesburg with him. I will take photos and post it as soon as we have finished putting it down. What a difference it is making already to the looks and to the sound in the building!

Monday’s game drives started with Marc and Tara going out. They found some Hyena around Quarantine area and a great herd of Elephant. They also had a sighting with Mixo who was after some remains of a kill left behind. The footage and story that unfolded from there on everyone knows. Mixo did some snarling and hissing at Marc and Tara as he was very close to the vehicle because Marc had unknowingly parked on top of Mixo’s meal. There are lots of photos and hot spots about the sighting!

In the afternoon Jared and I found a small herd of Elephant on our way to Buffelshoek dam so we spent some time with them and one particular female elephant got very close to the vehicle and put out her trunk so that we could almost touch her as if she were saying hello.

Tuesday morning with Marc and myself saw some hyena right at the start walking down to Gowrie Dam. We then later on in the drive went to Buffelshoek dam and found a large herd of Buffalo drinking! On top of that there were some great birds to be sighted! And at the end of drive we found the trio of Ground Hornbills roaming around the newly burnt firebreak area on Buffelshoek Cutline. Excellent end to a drive.

In the afternoon Jared and Marc went out and found a buffalo and rhino together – very unusual behaviour toward each other. And then at Buffelshoek dam later on Mixo sleeping with a beautiful sunset overlooking the dam.

What a great day at Buffelshoek Dam – the place to be!

See you again in a couple of days from a bitingly cold camp.


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