Sunday, July 25, 2010

The drama continues!

Hi everyone!

This weekend certainly didn't disappoint! As well as having Afke back with us, for a short while at least and the 3d testing going on, the sightings have continued to be exciting!

My self and Sebastien were in awe at having one of the golden Majingilane males walk less than a meter from jigga, giving each of us a momentary glance with his piercing eyes, which felt like it lasted a life time! What an incredible feeling, having such a powerful creature that close and acknowledging you!

This coalition has already given us intense drama and none more so than this week. We are still trying to piece together the puzzle about why they killed another lion, only this time it is possibly a female from the Styx pride. We have to wait to do a head count to find out which member of the pride it was.

Mixo was still determined not to allow Induna feed from his impala kill and I do wonder if this was a huge reality check for Induna. He was waiting patiently for his turn, but I doubt it came. Maybe Induna was the reason the herd of elephants were panicked yesterday morning. Both myself and Afke are still convinced it was a lion, but without being able to get a clear view of the cat they chased off, it will have to remain another bush secret!

Written by Tara Pirie

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