Friday, July 16, 2010

General Game take the Stage!

Hi there everyone. Hope you are all well and looking forward to the weekend!

The weather is blowing hot and cold literally and with the wind comes the cooler or hotter temperatures. On drive this morning the weather was quite pleasant as we had this blanket of cloud covering Djuma keeping all the nice hot air bundled in close to Earth. But the winds are still howling outside so who knows what the weather will bring in the next few days.

Pictures taken of the new FC Carpeting
The sightings on game drive have been more about the General Game at the moment – which has been nice for a change as we have really been able to focus on the usual animals that we wouldn’t always spend alot of time on, with the cats and most pachyderms being absent.

Buffelshoek management has over the past week burnt firebreaks between Djuma and Buffleshoek area. And with the burnt grassy areas and still smouldering trees comes the birdlife. Driving on the roads along the burnt areas you get to see some amazing bird life that come into the blackened areas to eat the exposed grass seeds and insects that are around. Just the other day Marc and I saw the trio of Ground Hornbills on such a patch and after we had closed off for drive, one of them flew into a tree and grabbed a chameleon out of its branches. We both gasped as one rarity ate another but that is the way life in the bush is I suppose.

On Wednesday’s drives Jared and I started out on a very chilly morning with just some Kudu and a journey of Giraffe. The morning was a still one with not much game as I think they were hiding away from the bitingly cold air we were driving around in.

In the afternoon Tara and Marc spotted a really nice herd of elephant which they spent some time with and then to end off the day Tara did her fireside chat with Marc this time, as a guest, chatting about Leopard Identification. Mostly talking about Karula and her boys and the now very talked about Mixo / Tara and Marc encounter on drive.

Tara at the Majingilane Sighting
Thursday morning the chaps out on drive saw some Elephant again and a really nice herd of Kudu. It was another chilly morning out there so once again the animals seemed to be hiding.
In the afternoon Tara and myself went out and found a journey of Giraffe near Gowrie dam and tried to follow up on a leopard that had been seen around the dam by Graham (The Gowrie Gang) earlier in the afternoon. No such luck unfortunately.

Patrick will be returning from leave on Monday morning and Jared and myself are due to go on leave this Tuesday coming. So the wheel continues to turn as they say.

From another windy day down here at Sabi Sands I say cheerio for now.


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