Friday, July 2, 2010

Jigga gives us a hard time.......

(Images I took are still from the children in the Staff Village)

Welcome from another stormy and drizzly day at camp. We had rain again last night which was wonderful but I’m beginning to feel like imp on the wrong continent for the season. This much rain in winter I feel is somewhat unusual.

Wednesday morning was the fateful morning the steering arm on Jigga decided to break. Jared and Herman were out on drive and had spotted a spoonbill at Buffelshoek dam and were then on their way to follow up on some elephant that were in a drainage line when the vehicle decided to call it quits. The guys were down in the middle of a drainage line with very little signal and had to manoeuvre the vehicle out with limited steering capabilities. Herman took some footage of their drive home which Sebastian used for the video diaries the next day for us all to look at.

The jigga then sat in the workshop with Jared for the day and Jared managed to fix it before afternoon drive. Tara and myself then went out in the afternoon and started with a wonderful journey of Giraffe. As we moved off from the sighting the Jigga’s steering began to feel odd again and the arm broke once more. The rest of the afternoon was then very entertaining: Herman and Patrick came out to our rescue in the Babaloo to try and tow the jigga but ended in overheating the Babaloo. We then tried jacking the car up and moving it this way but only got a metre in about 30mins. Eventually I got in the car to try and drive it again and managed to drive it back to camp doing about a 1000 point turn eventually driving forward and reversing alot. Jared then started to fix it again and by the next afternoon’s drive the Jigga was up and running again beautifully – back in tip top shape!

Patrick still had his Fireside chat that evening with 2 lady guests that joined him. They spoke about superstitions of the Shangaan people and how the Shangaan surnames tie into the wildlife of the area and some of the superstitions. An interesting side to the Shangaan culture.

And hence the morning drive on Thursday morning did not go out but Patrick spent the morning in Final control talking to all the viewers and surveying Gowrie Dam.

The afternoon drive with Tara and Herman though went out and was 100% and they managed to see some White Rhino that had come down to Gowrie dam earlier and also saw Induna! We haven’t seen Induna in quite awhile so that was great to spend some time with him.

Will Fox also came down for a night just to spend some time of the 3D rig and see how that was coming along.

All in all, camp has been busy again, in many different aspects!

Till next time!

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  1. How come you have trouble with the Jigga, I thought you had a brand new one not long ago ???