Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Lion are back!

Hello everyone. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend so far! We are already into July for this year - how the time flies as I say and nearly at the end of the Soccer world cup as well - I can't believe it is nearly all over!

Back in camp things are much the same as always - be it Soccer world cup, Winter or Summer life carries on for us as it does. We are obviously very busy with the 3D rig at the moment and of course the changes that happen with as we go along but indeed living in the bush, time seems to stand still.

The lion are back in the area which is great news for us! So hopefully they will stick around a little longer this time so we can really get to know them. However I think with them possibly moving into the Sabi Sands area that our time spent with them might be short lived as they will, I'm sure, want to move on and patrol. But who knows - maybe we will be lucky!

Marc will be arriving back from leave tomorrow and starting on Tuesday. We hope he is well relaxed and ready to go for his drive on Tuesday afternoon. Afke will be going on leave when Siphiwe comes back which is Wednesday and Tuesday respectively and it looks like Afke will be spending some time at the Ingwe Leopard Project which we hope she thoroughly enjoys.

Sightings for Friday started with a drive mainly centred around general game such as a dazzle of Zebra, a giraffe and The Gowrie Gang troop of baboons that are back in the area.

The afternoon drive with myself and Jared had the Shemount Primary School join us for the first hour. They sent in lots and lots of questions to Jared as well as being asked questions themselves from Jared to test some of their wildlife knowledge. They seemed to have a wonderful time and we got some lovely feedback as well as having some of the boys on the next day's afternoon drive join us again which was wonderful. We saw some baboon again with warthog and impala and some very funny interaction between the young baboon and warthog chasing each other around Quarantine.

I ended off the day with my Photography fireside chat about before and after photos as well as tips, tricks and methods of Photoshop. Hope everyone enjoyed that!

Saturday morning started off very chilly and misty with Tara and Jared on camera finding Mixo all huddled up sleeping on the cold winter morning. After Mixo had moved off, they heard of a lion sighting not far off and followed up on that to find the 4 male lion that are roaming around the Sabi Sands at the moment possibly trying to hunt a herd of Buffalo. Tense moments but alas they disappeared and we ended the drive.

In the afternoon Patrick followed up and found the lion again and spent some of the time with them but the drive was cut slightly short with battery depletion on the Jigga and we went to Gowrie Dam. The lion however had not killed any buffalo and were just relaxing in the fading afternoon sun.

The Jigga seems to be holding up with the steering which is good news and we are still working hard on getting the Ganda up and ready with the 3D rig. So stay posted.

Chat soon!


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