Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The lions might be moving in!

Welcome everyone to another Blog for the week. The skies have cleared and we seem to having some wonderful sunny weather at the moment – I hope it lasts!
Marc has returned from leave and will start his drives this afternoon. Siphiwe is also back from leave and said she had a wonderful time with her family. Afke also goes on leave tomorrow and is apparently going camping which she seems very enthusiastic about!

The lion are still around after they were found on Sunday morning with Patrick and Herman on a Buffalo kill they had made earlier that morning. They were found around Drakensberg drive / Mamba road junction just off the road having killed this buffalo and were looking very full. They have stayed there since taking time to feed and relax and are very protective over their kill chasing away any vultures that try to fly in for a morsel. No hyenas have been found around the area as yet, but I’m sure they won’t be far off waiting for their moment to get in there. The rest of that drive the chaps also found some wonderful elephant to watch.

In the afternoon, Tara and I went out to follow up on the lion and spent a good hour and a half at the kill site with them. 2 of the males were looking very full whilst the other 2 had obviously not eaten as much as their bellies were smaller but all 4 were lying in the grass panting and rolling over trying to digest their meal.

Jared then ended off the evening with recapping on the week’s safari highlights as well as talking about the Jigga and its problems for the week and talking with Peter about 3D and what is to be expected.

Monday started off with Jared and myself finding Mixo and Induna at Gowrie dam. Afke who was directing saw them through the waterhole camera and we managed to find Mixo again and spent an hour with him getting some really great close-ups. After that we went off in search of the lion and found a herd of elephant along the way with a really small little one!! And then we went and spent some time at the end of the drive with the lion who were still flat cats with very full bellies.

The monkeys are back around camp and causing havoc around the kitchen taking any small chance they can get to grab a piece of food lying around!

And Sunday night after fireside chat everyone sat round the fire and enjoyed Herman’s potjie that had been brewing for the afternoon! It was fantastic! I had earlier in the day bravely tried to bake a chocolate cake which didn’t turn out to badly and we had that as a once off treat for dessert. All in all a great day and wonderful dinner spent in the bush round a crackling fire!

See you all next time.


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