Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rhino week!

Hello there everyone and Happy Weekend!

Tomorrow is the Soccer World Cup Final and everyone here in camp is getting very excited to watch the game! Some of the Sabi Sands lodges are getting a world cup final party together for everyone to watch the game which should be lots of fun!

Peter will be also be leaving us tomorrow to fly back to Cape Town and Alex will be returning from his leave hopefully well rested. And Herman will be leaving on Tuesday for his 3 week leave which he is looking very forward to.

At camp, Jared has been working on the Bubaloo car to get it up and running well. He has put all the covers back on it and it now looks like a proper car with windows and a back door and has even had a bit of a spruce up with a paint job inside and out. I will take a photo of it and put it in my next Blog for you all to see what a different good looking car it has become

Game drive wise, Thursday morning started with a great sighting of some White Rhino and some really nice general game with Tara and Herman.

The afternoon drive with Marc and Jared saw a couple of old Buffalo bulls around the Chela Pan area and also some White Rhino sleeping.

Friday morning with myself and Jared out on drive saw a great herd of Elephant on Cheetah Cutline area. The young bull that was following the herd at a small distance had some very odd behaviour and we weren't quite sure if he was just a little curious or whether he wanted to mock charge us. After awhile he settled down and allowed us to get some nice shots of him eating and scratching himself on a Marula tree. We also saw Jared's favourite antelopes (well in his top 5 he says) which were Nyala, Kudu and Waterbuck - all really nice sightings of each.

In the afternoon with Patrick and Tara they saw some Buffalo and The Gowrie Gang troop of baboons on Quarantine who are always up for some fun!

And for the fireside chat to end off the day Jared spent the half hour chatting to everyone about Survival Skills in the bush. He made a Quarry bush shelter and showed how to extract water from fresh elephant dung as well as chatting about personal survival situations and also what to eat and what not to eat if ever in the situation. I think everyone enjoyed that!

And after fireside chat we all sat down around the fire and enjoyed some braai'ed chicken 'flatties' and a drink or two before all heading off to bed.

Join me on Monday for my next instalment.


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