Friday, July 30, 2010

What a difference!

Hi everyone!

I hope a lot of you were able to join us for the broadcast on Thursday, even though it wasn't 3D, the feedback I had during the drive from the directors chair was great! The picture you were saying was sharper and the difference in sound was amazing! Even I nearly fell off my chair when we heard the babblers calling! I was getting such a buzz when some of you even commented on being able to hear a vehicle drive next to us! Imagine that with the herd of buffalo we saw Thursday morning! Keep those glasses close, ready for the full 3D experience!

One thing I love about nature is that it keeps us guessing and I am so thrilled we are able to share these intriguing moments with you! During Patrick's morning drive on Wednesday, we managed to see Yambilu-Jordaan with none other than Induna, who is probably his son! I am becoming more convinced with every interaction this is true! He seemed tolerant of his son, albeit a bit irritated, twitching his tail and pulling his ears back, Induna kept a respectful distance! Amazing!
What a difference it has made with winter being here! The animals have become more relaxed in camp. Even Alex was enjoying the company of the female duiker who visits everyday and is getting use to us watching her! The nyala herd, baboons, hornbills and various other birds are making us of the small pan outside F.C. Myself and Afke were also amazed to see a slender mongoose drinking from it too! Sadly I didn't have my camera to hand!

Written by Tara


  1. Thanks for that Tara, I love hearing about the life that goes on off-camera as it were - and how exciting about the leopards. Don't get too cold though - Marc looked like he was in the Arctic on this morning's drive!! Twiga

  2. thanks Tara,like WE addictive for me