Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wonderful Sightings

Welcome everyone to another instalment of my Blog. The game for the last few days has been great and we have had some more wonderful sightings. The lions that were in the area over the last week have moved out and are supposedly down in the south at the moment around Chitwa Chitwa area but I think we will be seeing them again soon hopefully!

We have also had some good leopard sightings aswell seeing Induna who was been a scarce recently and also Jordaan yesterday which was a nice surprise. He isn’t as accustomed to the vehicles it would seem as the boys are and was a bit skittish but we did at least get to view him which was worth all the off roading that we did.

All photos of Mixo
Marc has settled in back from his leave and Alex will be returning on Sunday from his holiday away. Herman is due to depart next week for his extended 3 week leave which he is very much looking forward to and Afke has already left for her 2 weeks of rest. She will be staying at the Ingwe Leopard Project volunteering and camping.

The weather is still very much up and down at this point and some days are wonderful and sunny and others are cold, rainy, dark and cloudy!

Will came to visit again last night and stayed only for the night and was off again today. Just to bring supplies and to check up on the goings on as always!

On the game drive front Tuesday’s drives were very good with the morning drive seeing the last sighting of the 4 male lion before they headed off south as well as the hyenas and vultures hanging around the area waiting for their turn at the carcass. And on the way back they also saw a breeding herd of elephant!

The afternoon drive with Marc and Jared found Induna at Gowrie Dam!! They stayed and watched him for awhile having to do some excellent off-roading to keep up with him. They also watched some great Elephant and hippo interaction at the dam as well as seeing some general game.

Wednesday started off with Jared and I going back to the ‘scene of the crime’ of the kill to see if anything was scavenging on the carcass – we came across a hyena and the usual vultures. On the way to Gowrie Dam and down the drainage line we found Jordaan (the male leopard) who had dragged the remains of that Steenbok from the dam the previous night. As mentioned he was a bit unsettled and gave us a run for our money with all the off roading that was done to keep up with him!!

In the afternoon the team saw some excellent general game and wonderful elephants.

And to end of the day Tara had her fireside chat with Graham Cook. They spoke about The Gowrie Gang baboons and what Graham has been up to with them and over the last month or so. Always very interesting to talk to someone that is researching a particular animal and its behaviors!

Keep well and see you again soon!

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