Monday, August 9, 2010

Highlight of the week!

Hello everyone and what a day it has been!

As mentioned previously the camp has been very busy with everyone coming in and out. We had a gentleman here on Friday and Saturday night making small changes to the 3D rig to make it more user friendly. Alex, Herman and myself are finding sitting at the back with all the equipment a little bit easier now. Also Will and Carol Fox arrived on Saturday and are due to stay till tomorrow. They are helping around camp and sorting out the 3D rig pieces as well. Peter Braat and Sebastien are back as of last night and Sebastien is very well rested after his 2 weeks leave. He seemed to enjoy Cape Town immensely and said the weather wasn't bad at all! Also Tara came back today after her week of leave and also said she is feeling rested. So everyone is well and happy!

Also before we move onto game drives: Happy Women's Day to everyone out there!! It is a public holiday here in South Africa for Women's Day so I hope every lady out there is having a wonderful day off!

Moving onto game drives: Saturday was quite quiet again on the home front with the morning and afternoons drives seeing Giraffe and Kudu which have both been in abundance lately which has been wonderful. We all also saw some Buffalo (especially on the morning drive many Buffalo all over Western Gowrie) and a herd of Elephant that we see quite often during the day that come down to Gowrie Dam. There is a tiny little one in this herd that is very funny to watch as he is still learning to use his trunk and has no idea what to do with it. Lots of entertainment from him!

Sunday morning's drive with Jared and myself went out tracking the leopards. We had some tracks around Gowrie Main / Leadwood Road/ Cheetah Cutline area and gathered some support from neighbouring lodges and set out to track a female and male leopard. The tracks were very fresh as we all drove around looking for the elusive cats and we seemed to be just missing them by seconds. The male popped out on the main road but we all missed him and then he disappeared and later on the female leopard was spotted on Gowrie Main just a little south of our traversing rights. So we missed the leopards by seconds again and I'm sure they were watching us as we drove around in circles looking for them but that is what safari is all about folks!

Sunday evening was when all the excitement and action happened. The lion pride came down to Gowrie Dam to drink a little, saw an opportunity and killed a female buffalo and calf that were near the dam. The leopards were also around possibly seeing this as an opportunity for them to make a kill of the calf or get some meat but there were leopards and lions everywhere! Marc and Alex went out to witness this all and get it on camera, and a few of you hopefully were still watching to witness the action! So we had a kill at Gowrie Dam and will hopefully have some wonderful sightings from it with Vultures and Hyenas coming to visit as well.

What a brilliant way to end a day and week! And hopefully the cats are back to stay!


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