Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jared & Kathryn's Departure

Hello everyone.

This Blog is to follow up on the fireside chat had tonight regarding Jared's and my departure from for those who might have missed it.

We announced on fireside chat tonight that we will be leaving in 2 weeks. Our last day will be the Monday 13th September.

Jared and I have obviously thought about leaving in depth before coming to the decision to move on from We have really enjoyed our time spent in the Sabi Sands having gotten to know a different area and having been able to spend so much time with leopards and all the other wonderful animals in the area.

I personally have learnt a great deal from having worked with as camerawork was relatively new to me aside from having the knowledge from my photography which I used to apply to it all.

We will be moving on but staying in the bush. We don't think we could ever move back to a city full time as the bush is in our blood. We can't give the details of where will be going to yet but it will be ranger / reserve management orientated for Jared and hospitality / photography orientated for myself.

We will be sad to leave everyone that we have become friends with at and thank you to the all the viewers who supported us through the months! We will always appreciate it. And a special mention to Will Fox, Graham and Emily Wallington for the wonderful opportunity!

As the saying goes, it is not goodbye, it is till next time.

Kathryn and Jared.


  1. You will both be sorely missed....wish you well in your new endeavours. Please keep in touch!

  2. I'd like to wish Jared and Kath all the best in their future endeavours from myself and all Djuma Djunkies. Unlike the "other" page that claims to be a fan page, I have kept this page free of poisonous comments towards Kath and Jared. They were a part of WE as a whole and therefore had my 100% support. All the best guys if u see this. John Whalen for Djuma Djunkies everywhere

  3. The best of everything to both of you as your pursue your new adventure. Thanks very much for the beautiful pictures and the education I have received about the bush. You will be missed.