Sunday, August 22, 2010

Karula makes an appearance!

Hello everyone and welcome to another Blog instalment.

The up and down weather continues at the moment with warm days, windy gusts and cool days all mixed together. Friday we had a miserable winter day with cold cold temperatures and August winds. A thick cloud covered it all and the day was miserable, but today it is lovely and warm again with a high of 29 degrees the weatherman predicts so all is well in the land.

Alex will be back tomorrow from leave and starts on Tuesday! Will and Carol Fox leave us tomorrow after having stayed over the weekend.

Our resident Francolins, Hornbills and one Vervet Monkey are all doing well and regularly visit the kitchen. We have named the francolin 'Franki' (it is a lady francolin however) and she is so brave with us at the moment that she tries to fly onto your lap to have lunch with you. We hope she stays at camp as she is so entertaining.

Thursday had a good start with drives when Patrick and I went out to find Karula sauntering down Vuyatela access road. We spent a good 2 hours of the drive with her, off and on, as she tried to hunt francolins and guinea fowl around Quarantine. We haven't seen here in a while and really enjoyed the time spent with her. We also managed to see some Buffalo in the middle of drive as well. The afternoon drive didn't manage to relocate Karula from the morning but still had a very productive drive with an Elephant and some Buffalo again!


Friday morning and afternoon were very quiet on drive with the miserable weather that had blown in overnight. All the animals I assume were hiding under any form of vegetation away from the bitter wind that was howling for most of the day. The morning drive with Tara and Herman just saw some small general game and the afternoon drive with Jared and I managed to see a small herd of Buffalo, The Gowrie Gang baboons and some general game as well. Not bad for the weather that we were experiencing I thought.

Saturday morning when we got to camp, the clouds had cleared overnight and left twinkling stars instead. A good sign that the day would be warmer and less harsh than Friday. But as with clear skies after a cold day, the morning was freezing and Jared and I went out, teeth chattering, to hopefully find some game. We managed to see some Zebra and Giraffe. I think the animals were still in hiding from the cold! But the afternoon had warmed up alot and for the PM drive the crew got to see more animals that had come out to play in the better weather: Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo.

Sunrise over Quarantine

The weather forecast over the next few days suggests a cold, possibly rainy day on Tuesday. So for today and tomorrow we will enjoy the wonderful sun and temperatures while they last.

Till next time.


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