Sunday, August 1, 2010

Leopard romance!

What a night I had!! I was only saying in the last Blog how great it was to see such a wide range of creatures around camp. I had been hoping, but never expecting, to see the leopard in camp, even less see them mating!!

I was woken with a start, hearing low growls right outside my room around 4am this morning. I sat bolt up right listening for any more calls, thinking maybe I was mistaken and it was a dream. Hearing more growling, closer this time, I leaped out of bed and went to look outside the front window hoping to see, what I thought was lions. On seeing nothing by the workshop, I thought I had missed them. Kicking my self for taking too long to go and investigate, I went to look out the side window, just in case.

As I lifted the curtain I saw two shadows move into the Moon-lite driveway and realised it was Karula closely followed by, who I can only assume was Yambilu-Jordaan. Still grumbling, Karula lye down on the road and allowed Yambilu to mate with her. Not lasting long. She turned around to swipe at him, but as large as he is, he was agile enough to avoid the blow. (I wonder now how many times it took him to learn this!)

With her suitor at a distance, she enjoyed a roll in the dust, no more than 5m from where I was standing, mesmorised by what I had just witnessed! All this time I had thought my presence had gone unnoticed, I was wrong! As she sat up, she looked over her shoulder in my direction and after a brief look, the couple disappeared back into the shadows, to continue their courtship. Leaving me amazed.... she must have known I was watching!

Written by Tara Pirie


  1. What an awesome sight that would have been,,, I will be praying for the pitter patter of little paws running after our beloved Karula. I can't wait for the new adventure to begin.

  2. Great story Tara, very well written. This experience will remain with you forever!!Thanks for sharing!
    Sheila Patel

  3. Tara what a wonderful way to be woken up - what a fortunate lady you are. WE look forward to the next chapter of Karula's life as a mother!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience!!
    Oh, how I wish, I could have seen this too.
    (To see Karula and Yambilu and Thandi/Saseka and Mvula mating one time, would be my big wish. Somehow this is touching)...
    Karula is such a beautiful lady and Yambilu is gorgeous too. A perfect couple! :)
    Like Thandi/Saseka and Mvula is / was...
    It`s not a long time ago that they have mated too. Maybe wee see mother and daughter have cubs at almost the same time. :)

    This is so exciting! Counting the days! :)

    All the best

  5. Tara, how very lucky for you !!! Can hardly wait to see little ones. ;))

  6. Beautiful experience for you Tara. An experience very few have witnessed and for you to treasure

  7. Yes Tara what a lovely sight to wake up as Liz says you have it all girl.

  8. Incredible. Thank you for sharing, Tara. Guess this will make you a godmother come the Christmas season!

  9. What a blessing! A breath taking experience for you. Thank you so much for sharing it with us in such a poignant narative! Enid

  10. That's an awesome account of an awesome event. Imagine right outside your window... what an experience to talk about the rest of your life. - Mike and The Kids