Sunday, August 29, 2010

Message from Will

Good day folks.
I thought you all might like an update on one or two of the technical issues we are dealing with at the moment.
As with any pioneering work, we have needed to overcome many issues with our 3D rig and broadcast. By the very nature of what we do, we'll always push the boundaries to bring you the latest technology to enhance your experience. Of-course our aim is to bring an African bush experience into your home and that is why we opted to pioneer live 3d broadcasting. We have a few more wrinkles to iron out, but our design has pushed the boundaries and very soon you will be able to enjoy a live 3d wildlife experience, which we hope will bring you a step closer to actually being here.
Its been bad timing, but at the same time, we have not been able to pan and tilt the water hole camera for two weeks, and believe me it is not something that we have ignored. We have a tricky technical fault, which we're working on, but it hasn't been a quick fix, however with any luck we'll get some spare parts sent out to the bush and the camera will be mobile again shortly.
Folks, please feel free to contact me if you would like more information, my email address is below.

Written by Will Fox
CEO Safari TV


  1. Thanks for the update Will....much appreciated. Is there ever a quick fix with technical apparatus in the bush....that would be quite a feat! Not exactly something that can be duct-taped! We so appreciate the herculean effort being made to bring us this absolute wonder every day...thank you!

  2. Thanks for keeping us informed. It is so much easier when WE are kept in the loop. Thanks again.

  3. I wonder if you could address in specifics the problems that we are currently experiencing. If we knew what was going on, it would help greatly. 1. The Gowrie Cam 2. The blurry picture we are experiencing on the Internet, only time not really bad is when sitting still. 3. the lack of traditional night drives with the IR camera. 4. The racket coming from the Ganda, making the drives a bit nerve shattering 5. Very limited zoom ability of the camera, really seeing a bird is not possible. 6. The very sporadic Internet connection. My concern is the functionality of the camera in such a dynamic environment and is the bandwidth totally being eaten up by the 3D, and there will be no fix. Thank you in advance for addressing these issues in a more technical terms than ironing out wrinkles. I have spent endless hours on Safari via these feeds, as well as in the flesh, so I think knowing what we are facing is due myself and others.