Sunday, August 29, 2010

A new Hyena Den emerges!!

Good morning everyone. Hope you are all having yet another wonderful Sunday and weekend thus far enjoying the outdoors or just lounging on the couch after a stressful week.

Sunday in camp today is a very hot Spring day! We all might even use the sparkling blue pool at Inge's house today for a bit of cool refreshment later!

Siphiwe is back from leave today after having had a few days off. Also it was her birthday yesterday and everyone wished her happy birthday for the day! Hope it was a good one Siphiwe!!!

Styx pride at Buffelshoek Dam

Thursdays game drives started with a wonderful early morning elephant sighting in some low mist. Tara and Herman watched the elephants in the beautiful light that surrounded them with the mist. What a mystical sighting! They also later on in the drive saw some Hyena. In the afternoon Patrick and I went out for a short while but had to come back into camp as the 3D rig needed some work done on it. After awhile we were off again and went to Gowrie Dam to follow up on a herd of elephant that Jared has managed to see with the waterhole camera. We relocated the herd and spent some time with them feeding around the dam. Behind them at one point a hyena popped its head out but didn't stick around for long. It was definitely on a mission somewhere. And then a little while later we also had a bull white rhino come down to the dam and walk past Vuyatela lodge. So the dam proved to be very fruitful for us for the rest of the day.

Friday morning with Jared and I was more of a quiet one and we only saw some kudu and did some bird watching. We also had a few problems with the 3D rig on drive and had to retire a little earlier than expected to come back to camp so that Alex could have a look at everything and diagnose the problem. But all was sorted and Tara and Herman went out in the afternoon and had all sorts of luck. They bumped into Induna and spent some time with him and toward the end of drive after tracking some hyena found the new hyena den off Galago shortcut / Buffelshoek Cutline roads. This is indeed some great news for everyone as we now know there is a new hyena den and that there are pups in it. We can't wait till they are older and start coming out of the den. Then we can really have some fantastic sightings whilst they get used to the vehicles. Looking forward to that!!

Bateleur Pair

Saturday started with Tara and Sebastien (Sebastien's first time on the 3D camera!) going out and finding Induna again. Induna is being very kind to us at the moment and sharing his time with us which we all appreciate! They also saw some white rhino and some buffalo. A good drive all round! Myself and Patrick went out in the afternoon to find some buffalo straight away near quarantine just down Philimon's dip. We bumbled around to Buffelshoek dam afterward to see a crash of 4 white rhino drinking and wallowing at the dam. It really was a great sighting watching them as they enjoyed themselves in the afternoon sunlight.

The sightings have been good lately and we have been lucky with some of the animals we have seen! We hope to see many more over the next few drives as always!

Till next time


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