Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rainy Days!

Hello everyone and hope you are all well and enjoying your week!

This week has been very surprising weather wise with a day or two of drizzle and rain which had some of our drives delayed or cancelled. We were very happy with the rain and hoped it would settle all the dust and sprinkle the trees and bushes with some moisture but definitely not typical August weather at all. However today is back to hot and dusty with swirling wind which is back to the typical August weather we have all come to know.

Burchells Starling

Sunday's drives were a good way to end the weekend seeing some of the Styx pride. A young male lion and an older lioness. They were seen in the morning and the afternoon which was fantastic. Patrick and I also saw on our afternoon drive a wonderful combination sighting of Elephant and Rhino near Gowrie Dam! And as it was a Sunday we had our fireside chat after drive with the presenter crew where they went over the week's highlights and had a general chat round the fire!

On Monday morning Jared and I located Mixo sleeping in a drainage line after we had tracked him down the firebreak. He was very patient that morning after having woken up stalking a grey duiker. We were amazed at how much patience he exercised whilst watching the duiker which showed great skills learnt for such a young leopard. We also managed to see some Elephant and the two Styx pride members drinking at Buffelshoek Dam to end off our drive. In the afternoon Marc and Herman saw very nice Rhino in a wonderful sighting and the lion at Buffelshoek Dam again.

Styx Lions drinking.

Tuesday was a day of rain and wind and the crew in the morning only managed to go out in the morning for about an hour before they were chased back indoors due to drizzle. In the afternoon Patrick and I went out as the weather had cleared and saw some great Elephant, Buffalo and a fantastic Rhino sighting with the young female sleeping in the road and playing in the sand with her horn. What a great sighting we don't often see at all!!

Yesterday morning was much the same as the previous morning with heavy rain and we were completely rained out on drive within 5 minutes of starting, so Jared came into Final Control and chatted to everyone for the 3 hours. The weather had cleared somewhat by the afternoon and Marc went out on his last drive before leave and saw some amazing things: Jordaan the male leopard again made an appearance and a lovely herd of Elephant. Mike Moss who is visiting and staying at Djuma came on at the beginning of drive to say hello!

So Marc is on leave now for about 2 weeks and Alex is back in camp in the swing of 3D all over again. So as with the way things go, staff come and go on leave and everyone carries on.

I will see you all on Sunday for my next Blog! Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!


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