Thursday, August 5, 2010

Times are changing

Hello everyone and welcome to another Blog. Jared and I are back from our 2 weeks leave and happy to be back in the bush. (Thanks to Tara for looking after the Blog whilst I was away)Siphiwe is also back from her weeks leave and Tara has gone away on a weeks leave now and Alex will be leaving at the end of the week as well for his 2 weeks leave. Sebastien will be back then and Peter Braat will be joining us at camp whilst Alex is away to keep us all going through the 3D change. So things are happening round camp and everything is busy busy again.

(Chinspot Batis Male)

We had a sighting of a leopard in camp the night before last just after the crew had come back to camp after drive. Great to have the leopards back around the area and even more so in camp!

Our little waterhole outside Final Control is bustling with life at the moment. We have numerous bird species that come to visit everyday such as Blue Waxbills and Jameson's Firefinches. The baboons and nyala's also make regular appearances as well. Great to have some wildlife close to us during the day.

On the game drive front, the animals have been a little on the scarce side. Tuesday morning out with Jared and Alex saw some buffalo at Twin Dams with a mom White rhino and calf which was great to see. They also spent some time looking at all the birds that were out that morning and a journey of giraffe around the Quarantine area.

The PM drive with Marc and Herman (Herman's first drive out on camera with the 3D rig) found some Giraffe and Kudu as well.

Wednesday morning with Patrick and Herman was also a general game drive seeing Giraffe, a small herd of Kudu and some Baboons around Quarantine at the end of drive.

(Crested Francolin)

The afternoon drive with myself and Marc (my first time out on the 3D camera) managed to see another 2 Giraffe (mother and father) looking for their youngster which seemed to have wandered off and some Kudu. The Giraffe youngster was yet to be found at this point. And to end off the evening I had my Photography Fireside chat where I went through some of my photos from last month's drives.

See you all for my next Blog.

Kathryn .

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