Thursday, August 19, 2010

Warm Windy Weather continues....

Good afternoon and welcome to another Blog.

Monday morning's drive started out with rhino's, rhino's and more rhino's. Marc and Herman saw a crash of 3 toward the end of drive and a single rhino at Chela Pan toward the beginning. They also saw a small herd of elephant. In the afternoon, Jared and I went out to find Jordaan, the male leopard, at Buffelshoek Dam. He was lying on the bank of the dam sleeping and soaking up the afternoon sun. We drove round and managed to get a good spot to sit with him, but as it is with Jordaan, he wasn't going to sit around and let us watch him, so he got up, had a quick drink and was off. We managed to follow him for a couple hundred metres till he went down into the drainage line on the side of the dam and we were unable to follow. It wasn't a very long sighting but we enjoyed every moment of it with a cat that we don't get to see very often. So a good start to the drive. We ended off the day with another small herd of elephant that were feeding quietly not too far from the same area.

An image of Mixo over the last couple of months

Tuesday with Patrick and myself in the morning found a large herd of Buffalo on Cheetah Cutline that were crossing into Western Gowrie. We sat with the herd for quite some time and watched them slowly feed and move across the road and into the thick block of bushes. We also came across two herds of elephant, separately, through the morning as well. And in the afternoon with Tara and Herman, they also found a smaller herd of Buffalo that they watched for some time and later on in the afternoon, they saw Induna who only allowed them a little bit of time with him, till he slunk away into a thickly wooded area that was inaccessible to the Ganda. But it was a great find!

Yesterday was a day for general game and Induna again. The morning started out with Marc and Herman looking at all the general game that was around the area. Zebra's, Giraffe, Impala and few other small and furry creatures fluffed up from the cold. In the afternoon Jared and I happened upon Induna in Buffleshoek just off the road at Tamboti Dam. We couldn't go there but we had a slight visual of him at the water's edge. Lucky for us he started walking our way and walked straight past the vehicle and into Western Gowrie. We didn't have much more time with him as he strolled into the drainage line and away from the Ganda into a thicket. We still had a very lucky afternoon with Buffalo and a herd of Elephant as well.

Alex will be back from leave the beginning of next week and Peter sadly leaves us today to go back to Cape Town. We do however wish him well as he is going back to wedding plans full steam ahead! Will and Carol Fox are arriving today for 4 nights and staying in camp to help us all and hopefully bring with them a new joystick for the waterhole camera which Peter is going to install. So hopefully we will have Gowrie Dam Cam back up to speed by the evening.

I hope you have enjoyed this afternoon's Blog and see you again next time!


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