Saturday, August 7, 2010

Where have all the cats gone?

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend where ever you might be.

Camp is going to get very busy once again this weekend as everyone will be here. Will and Carol will be arriving today for a couple of days to assist in camp. Peter Braat and Sebastien will be arriving tomorrow from Cape Town and leave respectively. Tara will also be back from her weeks leave on Monday hopefully refreshed and then it is Alex's turn to go on leave and is heading off to Russia! Busy times ahead for everyone and all hands on deck.

Pictures of the 3D Rig

The weather at the moment has been wonderful during the day with very mild winter temperatures. The mornings and late evenings however have still been bitterly cold and remind all of us that winter has not left just yet. But 3 weeks from now is the first day of spring so we are holding on for the warm weather that will hopefully come on the 01st September.

Game drives are still scarce on the cat front. We are seeing some wonderful pachyderms' with Elephant and Buffalo around but the cats are still avoiding us and hiding. We are seeing signs that they are here but it seems we are just missing them as they play cat and mouse with us whilst we are out.

Game Drives on Thursday morning started with Jared and myself going out. We got to see some Buffalo bulls at the very start of drive but they were very hard to see in the dark with the spotlight. Toward the end we came across a great mix of Zebra, Giraffe and Impala and it seems that mom Giraffe found her little one as the family was reunited with mom, dad and baby Giraffe.

In the afternoon with Marc and Herman they saw a fabulous herd of Elephant at Gowrie Dam which was very lucky, and that ended off a wonderful day at Djuma.

Friday morning with myself and Marc started with a Ganda that was not that happy. Ganda was making spluttering noises and not driving very well. It seemed that the diesel was not getting to the engine and every couple of hundred metres we would stall. We eventually after an hour and a half decided to call it quits and came back to camp and whilst Marc talked to the viewers in Final Control, we had an outside mechanic come in and look at and fix the problem, and since then we have had a great vehicle that is full of diesel power again! The Ganda lives on!

In the afternoon with Herman and Patrick they again saw some great Elephant and some Buffalo so they had a great drive with some animals to watch.

We hope we all get to see some furry animals in the next day or two as we are all getting withdrawal symptoms from not seeing our favourite cats.

Bye for now.


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