Sunday, August 15, 2010

Windy winter weather!

Good day everyone and hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday!

As with things in August, the wind is swirling around the camp and days are warm and sunny with cool evenings, typical weather going into spring at the end of the month. As Patrick says ‘summer is around the cornour’ and I hope he is not far off his prediction that the windy weather will turn soon.

Pied Kingfisher
Alex is still away on leave enjoying time in Russia. And Peter is still with us for another few days or so before he heads back off to Cape Town. So life in camp is as it was over the last few days.

I have discovered over the past couple days that we have 2 very habituated birds in camp at the moment. A Yellow billed hornbill and a Crested Francolin. They regularly join us for breakfast and lunch outside the kitchen and share in any tasty morsels we toss to them. The francolin is so friendly that she sits right next to you on the bench or on the table and waits with a beady eye for a breadcrumb that might fall from your plate. They really are great companions to have when you want to have lunch with a friend.

Grey Heron acting like a duck
Thursday started with a fairly quiet morning seeing only The Gowrie Gang of baboons and a family of Warthog. The afternoon Patrick and myself went out but shortly after getting on the road the Ganda was spluttering again and we were forced back to camp. After looking at the vehicle, we saw the fuel pump was ‘dead’ and we needed a new one so Jared rushed off to Hoedspruit to get one. The crew then stayed late into the night trying to fix the Ganda after Jared came back from Hoedpsruit but unfortunately the job was just too big and they had to call it a day. The mechanics were phoned the next morning to come out and fix it.

Friday morning Jared came into final control and chatted with the viewers as no drive was to be going out. Shortly after 9 the mechanics arrive and started work on the Ganda. It was fixed before lunch and they were back on their way. The afternoon drive did manage to go out with Marc and Herman and they had a wonderful drive seeing Mixo at Treehouse dam whom we haven’t seen in a long while. It was so good to spend time with young Mixo again. They also managed to relocate the 2 Styx pride females that had been found in the morning.

Saturday with Tara and Herman out on drive went back to follow up on the Styx lionesses. They found them and spend a good hour with them as they lazed around in the morning sun and warmed up for the day ahead. In the afternoon Patrick and I went out and also went to see the lionesses. They were in the same spot and hadn’t moved all day. Clearly they were very happy near the dam and having fed a night or two before they were in no rush to move. We decided to leave them to continue to roll around in the sun and headed off in search of some elephant. Near Buffelshoek dam we found a herd and spent the remaining hour of drive with them. Not bad for a day’s outing!

And so that is it for the past few days. See you all in a few.


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