Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wonderful Lion Sightings.

Hello everyone.

The weather at the moment around I think most of the country is one of cold and rain. The clouds have been brewing overhead for days now and yesterday we had a little drizzle but it seems the rain was holding out for this morning’s drive and we had to come back to camp for a little while whilst the clouds let down a little drizzle. The bitterly cold wind as well that is swirling round camp is also affecting the animals, I think, as we aren’t seeing much on drive at the moment. I think everything is huddled away in a hole somewhere waiting out the weather in hopes of a warm patch. Looking at the weather map today brings hope though as it says we should be nice and warm by the weekend. I do hope they are right!

Sebastien is back into the swing of things after his leave as Alex has jetsetted off to Russia for his leave. Sebastien is working hard on trying to get out 3D Video Diaries for us all to watch with some 2D Diaries in-between, and we all eagerly await every day to watch what footage we have managed to get. When you are out on the Ganda filming as a cameraman, you are watching the image in 2D, so it really is amazing to watch what 3D images come out at the end of it and how different it looks.

Monday was an amazing day with the highlight from the night before with the buffalo kill at Gowrie Dam. Jared and I made our way to Gowrie Dam in the morning to spend time with the pride. For the rest of the day Siphiwe had a ball with the waterhole camera as we could see the kill and watch all the vultures and a hyena come down to the carcass midmorning and devour all the remains. So many vultures were seen .
It really was a great day at the dam with so much entertainment. And to end off the day with the PM drive going back to the carcass to find Induna there smelling and trying to find any bits left over from the day. It really was a highlight to have this all at our fingertips.

On Tuesday’s drives we saw on both the AM and PM drive 2 lionesses from the Styx Pride that had made their way onto the concession. It was really good to be able to spend some time with a few of the members that we haven’t seen in awhile and that they are still coming onto Western Gowrie. Patrick and I had a wonderful afternoon on top of the lion: White Rhino, Elephant and Buffalo as well. So everything was out and about and willing to spend some time with us.
Wednesday started off with some Rhino around Cheetah Cutline and a herd of Elephant.
It was a bitterly cold morning when we went out after the cold front had moved in from the evening so it was a subdued morning on Western Gowrie.

The afternoon was just as cold and windy but the crew went out to see what they could find and saw a Lilac breasted roller that had caught a chameleon! And to end of the day: Patrick’s fireside chat where he spoke about superstitions and mythical creatures with a lady from Djuma called Patience.

So from another cold and drizzly day at Djuma bye for now and see you next time!


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  1. Good sighting Tara Styx Pride and a very graceful Giraffes brilliant Photo shots, thank you for sharing.
    Regards Doris