Sunday, September 12, 2010

Handing over.

Hello everyone and welcome to my last Blog. The crew will be taking over my Blog as a team and will be posting inserts every couple of days. So it will not be up to just one person anymore - but everyone! So you will be hearing from the whole team and getting new and different perspectives about everything in camp from the wildlife (from the presenters) to the technical side of things (from Alex and Sebastien) to some camerawork detail (from Herman). So lots to look forward to in the future for the Blog.

But for now we will go into the last couple of days drives and what has been happening around camp.

Tara is still on leave and will be back only in a little over a week. Patrick is back on Tuesday after his 2 weeks leave and im sure he will be refreshed and ready to get out there to see what has been happening! Herman will be going on leave on Tuesday and heading off to Cape Town for 2 weeks so that leaves Marc, Sebastien, Alex, Patrick and Siphiwe in camp for a week or so.

Black backed Jackal

Thursday's drives brought about 2 white rhino in the morning seen with Marc and Sebastien. The mornings are still a little cold and sometimes very cloudy and overcast. It seems it goes in days of 2 where we will have wonderful sunny weather for a day and then cloudy misty cold weather for a day. That is blown away by a windy hour or two and we are back to the warm weather again.

In the afternoon with Jared and Herman, they went out and found some buffalo roaming around Chela pan area. And just as we were about to close off for the evening after somewhat of a quiet drive -Jared stopped at Gowrie dam and heard the Guinea fowl squawking madly to see Karula come out of the trees and walk to the water for a drink. After that we were able to follow her for about 15 minutes or so till she melted away into the drainage line down Twin Dams road and we came home.

Friday morning went out with Jared and myself to find a small herd of buffalo feeding around Gowrie Dam. We then heard on the radio that there were tracks of the Nkuhuma pride around the Galago shortcut area and we went off to help the Djuma rangers follow up. After having driven around the area, Able (a Djuma guide) managed to locate them in the block behind Gowrie dam so we responded and went to go and see them for the remainder of drive. What a great way to end off the morning! In the afternoon Marc and Herman followed up on some Ingwe tracks with the Djuma guides again and found Karula lazing around in the afternoon sun on a termite mound. She has also been around a fair bit lately and given us many hours of viewing pleasure!


Saturday morning was also Jared and I out on drive. We started off with a crash of 4 white rhino on Gowrie main that some of the rangers from the east had managed to locate. After having to move out for other vehicles coming into the sighting we heard of a large herd of buffalo around Zoe's road area. We bumbled around and made our way there to find a very large herd. This seems to be the same herd we saw at Buffelshoek dam a couple of days earlier. After the buffalo we had heard of a small herd of elephant that had been found around central road, so after trying to look for some leopard tracks along the way and stopping off at the rhino again we made our way to the elephant to close off drive there. A good morning for all the pachyderms!

In the afternoon we had a lady by the name of Noelle here for an Interview. The weather was slightly drizzly but after the first half hour, most of the dark clouds had dissipated and the drive was full steam ahead. She has Herman on the Ganda who was helping her with the roads and they managed to find some elephant around Twin Dams area. They also responded to another large herd of elephant at Buffelshoek dam and as they were sitting enjoying the ellies, Noelle saw a flick of a leopards tail not 2 metres from an elephant cow. It looked to be Induna. All the other vehicles in the area responded to the sighting and we soon had to leave to allow everyone else a chance to view Induna with the ellies.

And that has been that for the past few days. On a more personal note, I really have enjoyed sending out the Blogs for you all to read over the past 7 months. I hope you have all enjoyed it too and I happily hand it over to the crew with the knowledge that they will do a sterling job in continuing to bring you all updates and news of the daily happening in camp.

So from myself, I say farewell!


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  1. Thanks Kathryn for all your dedicated contributions - they have been appreciated. I have enjoyed your pictures, blogs and the passed on info's. Good luck to both of you for the next steps in your exciting futures !