Thursday, September 2, 2010

I very much hope that everyone has been enjoying our Safari TV diaries. As most of you will know, they have been edited and directed by Sebastien for the last couple of months.
As I'm sure you can imagine Sebastien has been sat in front of the edit suite for most of his time with us, hardly seeing the bush and wildlife outside. So it is high time he had the chance to take a game drive or two.
Seb has many strings to his bow, one of which is that he had previously completed training at the wildlife film academy. That is why he has now been trained in 3D camera rig operations. It is very different from normal 2d camera work, but it is a skill that he has picked up very quickly, sufficient to go solo recently.
Like all of us, Seb has a passion for wildlife and deserves to enjoy some time away from his desk. Of-course he'll still edit and direct the diaries and is busier than ever, but he tells me he's loving his time with Safari TV and enjoys the challenges we face every day.

Written by Will Fox
CEO Safari TV

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