Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Life in the old girl yet.

Folks as most of you will know we have had a dilemma to ponder over the last weeks. That of should we opt for increased traversing range at the cost of increased ambient noise from the broadcast systems i.e. the newly installed signal Amplifier.
Of-course the ideal would be a silent Amp, but that is not currently the case. The new bigger Amplifier we installed on the Ganda means we have a better traversing range (probably better than ever before), but it takes a lot of power and needs to be cooled via fans which increase the ambient noise. This back ground hum is made worse for our viewers because of the stereo microphone we now use, which is a much higher quality than before and even with the bespoke sound mixing desk we have installed, we can't filter that hum.
Of-course this is all part of our efforts to bring a higher quality service and we have a plan for a different amp. However our problem (as ever), is that we're breaking boundaries here and you can't just pluck the Amp we need off the shelf and definitely not in Africa.
So, after thought and listening to your comments, we made the decision to install the new Amp and increase the traversing range. We very much hope that this will give you more frequent and better sightings.

I have been asked about the fate of the Jigga and I know a lot of our viewers have an affection for the old girl (as we do), so fear not. She won't be scrapped. After many hard years working in the bush she needs a lot of TLC
(and when I say a lot, I mean it, you should see the mechanics estimate!).
Anyway we'll give her the care and attention she is due and put her back to work supporting the team soon. As to the question of should we fit the old redundant equipment on her and keep her as a museum piece and reminder of the years passed? I like that thought, but it seems too early for that. There is still life in the old girl. Retirement can wait a while.

Written by Will Fox
CEO Safari TV


  1. It would be great if the old cam could be put back on her and the night cam, then she could be used as back up and for night drives ?

  2. I agree, if we could have a little 2D and a night drive, it would be a huge boost for us. Good suggestion Sas. It is not the sound of the little fans that is a problem, it is the noise of the vehicle. It is very hard to handle the racket hour after hour. Part of the drives that made the magic was getting lost on the roads, looking around at the bush, but that is totally gone. due to the noise and the blurry picture. So a night drive with the old cam on the Jigga, that would mean a lot.

  3. Remember that 2D will never go away. Although we film in 3D there will always be a 2D version.
    Also, it's worth noting that the old InfraRed 2D system was diabolical to operate, and while there is no scheduled plan to start doing night drives again, because of the pressure that it places on the crew, when we do, the quality will be much better with the new rig.
    Finally, the reason that the current picture is slightly out of focus has nothing to with the poor image quality from the vehicle but rather the low bandwidth from Djuma to Europe. Pete will be Blogging about this here soon ...