Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Marc getting ahead

Folks, it is with pleasure that I can announce that Marc Weiner is to become the new head presenter/guide for Safari TV. He'll take over from Jared (who is sadly leaving us next week for pastures new).
I know that Marc is relishing the challenge of becoming a department head and has many fresh initiatives he wants to implement over the up coming months.
These are exciting times for us and I know we will be in safe hands with Marc leading the presenting team.
On behalf of all of the Safari TV directors and staff, I would like to congratulate Marc on his promotion and hope you will join me in sending Marc your good wishes.

Written by
Will fox
CEO Safari TV


  1. Congratulations to you Marc, as well as Safari TV. What wonderful news this is for everyone!

  2. This position couldn't go to a more deserving soul. (If I may say, LONG overdue).
    Marc Congratulations - you deserve every accolade and I know you will do yourself and Wildearth proud. WE are thrilled for you and delighted you have been recognised for your unique ability to bring your much loved African bush and her creatures to the rest of the world with such passion and sensitivity and along the way you have collected a hoard of 'fans' who have come to know and embrace you with such warmth and who thirst for your 'company' and knowledge. I feel sure this will be a ReMarcably positive move for Safari TV.

  3. Congratulation Marc! You have been investing a lot of yourself in your work and it is nice to see it being recongnized. I hope that this promotion brings you satisfaction, challenges, excitement and most of all, happiness, so you'll stay at for many, many years! (yes, I am a bit selfish here!) Fabienne