Thursday, September 9, 2010

My best sighting here.....

Hello everyone and welcome to the Thursday Blog. Hope you are all having a splendid week so far and are looking forward to the weekend that is fast approaching.

Tara went on leave on Tuesday and has flown off to Australia for a wonderful 2 week holiday down under. Marc is back from his leave and started his drives on Tuesday afternoon. Otherwise the rest of us are still in camp plodding along as usual with our daily tasks!

Sunday's drive started in the morning with Jared and I. The diary has already gone out with the amazing footage from that morning and is getting lots of views. Jared and I had followed up on the lions from the previous day with the buffalo kill and arrived that morning to find some of the Styx pride feeding off the Nkhuhuma's kill. There was serious tension and animosity going round and lots of paw swatting and growling at each other whilst everyone tried to get a piece of the buffalo before it was all finished. It was nail biting stuff to watch and one of the best lion sightings I have ever seen. It isn't often that we get to see such lion interaction with each other so it really was an amazing morning to be a part of. We also had black backed jackal around the kill, as well as some hyena in the distance and lots and lots of vultures hanging around waiting their turn.

In the afternoon Tara and Herman went out to follow up and found most of the lions had moved off. They spent some time with some of the Styx pride females and followed some of them to Treehouse dam. After the lions they moved on, but the drive started late as we had a power outage in the area and only managed 1 hours worth of drive time - but at least we got to follow up on the lion from the morning.

In the evening Jared, Tara and Herman sat around the fire and discussed the week's highlights on the Sunday fireside chat.

Monday morning with Tara and Sebastien didn't manage to go out and just before they were going to live at 06h00, the electricity went out again in the whole area and we were unable to broadcast. But by the afternoon the electricity had come back on and Jared and myself went out to see what we could find. We managed to come across 2 old elephant bulls whilst watching a herd of zebra and then found a big herd of buffalo at Buffelshoek Dam to end of the day!

Nkuhuma Male

Tuesday with myself and Jared started with a cloudy, cold morning. We drove around in miserable weather looking for any life that would have been out and about and toward the end of drive, one of the Djuma rangers managed to find Karula, so we went to spend some time with Karula till the end of drive. She had caught a duiker and was sleeping in the cool weather of the morning enjoying the less warm conditions.

In the afternoon Marc and Herman went to follow up on Karula and saw her for a little bit before Floppy ear the hyena came onto the scene and stole her duiker and chased Karula away. After witnessing the steal, Marc followed up on Induna that had been found with his own kill just off Central road. The rest of the drive was spent with Induna and his kill as he hoisted it up a tree for safe keeping for the night.

The next day, Jared and I went out again in the morning to follow up on Induna. We found him and spent a good hour with him as he snoozed off his evening meal. We also followed up on Mixo that had been found as well not far off, but he had wedged himself into a very hard place to see so we had to leave him after a short while as we could not get a great view of him. We also came across the big herd of buffalo that have been hanging around lately at Gowrie Dam.

The afternoon was slightly colder and windier and the crew didn't see much say for one buffalo bull wandering around by himself.

And that is that for today folks.

See you on Sunday for my last Blog before I depart.


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