Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our tails are wagging!

Hi everyone!

What a fantastic few drives we have had! Seeing the dogs on 4 drives last week was incredible! It was mine and Sebastien's first time at seeing them here and we could hardly contain ourselves! First we had a pair of dogs scouting out the area and watched in amazement as they walked within a metre of us! We gave way to other vehicles only to be rejoined by them scattering the impala and nyala we were viewing at the time!!

After they disappeared we thought it was over, until afternoon drive! Patrick had all members of the pack, 11 adults and 10 pups, on the fire break below Buffleshoek cut line chasing a duiker! Marc also had some wonderful interactions the following day with the pack, as did I! Fantastic!

The dogs also helped Marc to find the new location of the hyena den and we have finally seen the 2 little cubs who can't be more than a month old!! It was my first time to see cubs that small and the mother was so relaxed with us, she started feeding them! It was such a heart warming moment!

Finally we have managed to locate the illusive potato bush! I hope to become a bit more familiar with it as we move into Summer!

Written by Tara


  1. Good on you mate Tara,I saw a bit yesterday of the hyena and den looked like it has some sort of animal in the hole,unless I was seeing things could be twigs lol.

  2. Your enthusiasm is so winning and catching, Miss Tara! You'd be an excellent grade-school teacher--a bundle of energy and knowledge that could keep up with the kids and challenge them!