Friday, September 10, 2010

The try outs

Folks, as you will be aware Jared is leaving us next week. We all wish him well in his future ventures but this means that we are short of one presenter.
In other words its try out time again.
Over the next weeks, we will have a small number of candidates who have passed the interview stage and have asked to 'try out' on a live drive. And this is where I need your help.
As ever, we like our audience to be involved, so I would appreciate your comments on each candidate as they appear.
To do this, Pete has created a new email address '' so that you can let us know your opinion after each try out drive.
Of-course it is very daunting for the candidates to be tested in front of a worldwide audience, but they are all keen to give it a try and I know you'll be sympathetic if there are nerves or unfamiliarity with the roads and equipment.
Behind the scenes Marc will take some time with each of them to explain how we like to do things, the routine and style etc, and there will be an experienced camera man with them and director back in the FCR, so we hope to maintain a very high standard.
As you might guess, all candidates are very experienced guides, so they have the bush knowledge and skills, but on top of that we hope they'll each bring their own individuality to the job, while maintaining our ethos.
I'll let you know in advance before each try out drive, which will be spread out over the next three or four weeks.
I know the team are excited at the prospect of new team mates and the candidates are keen to show you what they can do. We'll obviously be making our assessment, but now we need your opinions.

Written by Will Fox


  1. Hello Will we will be honoured to take part in this Try-out.
    Regards Doris C (dot1cha)

  2. So very considerate and thoughtful of you, Will, to let us know ahead of time and invite us to share our observations and opinions about the interviewees. You write beautifully....