Thursday, October 28, 2010

Diaries will be back

Hi Folks
I have had a few questions lately asking when the Safari TV diaries will be back. It's good to know that so many of you enjoy the diaries and I can tell you that they are something we haven't forgotten. Our plan is to return to producing at least one diary per week very soon and then ramp back up to one per day thereafter. The reason we suspended production of the daily diary was as simple as not having the editors available to produce a daily diary when a number of new clients came along who require post produced content and that work is keeping Herman's team busy. We'd love to increase our editing staff but as you know we are severely limited by the accommodation available at the moment in Djuma, but again we have a plan to improve that situation.
We were producing and distributing the diaries as a free service and hope to resume that free service very soon, but it does eat into the editing resources we have available on site (a three minute diary takes an editor 12 hours to produce) and our editors need to focus elsewhere for the moment.
From my prospective and knowing how much we needed to invest in terms of equipment and man hours it is good to know that the diaries were so well received, I'll pass the compliments to Herman and Seb and let then know how much you all enjoy them.
Written by Will Fox

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  1. Thanks for the update on diary production, Will. We do enjoy them. Since you mention accommodations as one problem at Djuma, have you considered outsourcing the editing for the diaries over the Internet? Could you check with your current contacts in Africa for recommendations at least? Your team at Djuma could do the prep work and decisions for the clips, and an outsource could do the time-consuming labor to support them. Voila--no accommodation at Djuma needed for the outsource workers. Start them off with the weekly diaries to check the quality of the results and get the process running smoothly. Your crew could simply make the video of the daily drives available at a secure website where the outsourced editor could pick it up. Your team could add an email or brief text file to give a sentence or two of instructions about what to clip out from that day to put in the weekly diary. After the outsourcers prepare and produce the weekly (later, daily) diary result, your editing team could review it and post it, or request further outsource editing if necessary (for example, if a very exciting sighting occurred later in the week).