Friday, October 22, 2010

It's all go at Gowrie!

Hi everyone!

With the weather changing from day to day, it is bound to have an effect on the animals as well as us humans! We have had a lot of activity around the dam this week, especially with the hot afternoon temperatures. Four or 5 large gentlemen have been visiting Gowrie dam which, if you have managed to see them, has been such a wonderful sight to see! These old bull elephants certainly seem to enjoy bathing, wrestling with each other and wallowing in the cooling water, almost as if they were calves again! I was asked on drive this week if animals have fun? Believe me, if you were lucky enough to have watched these bulls, there is no way you can deny, they do!

Marc, Patrick and myself have all enjoyed spending time with the very relaxed breeding herd of elephants with many youngsters and the individual with a missing tail. Suzanne was bouncing after the close encounter she shared with Marc and everyone! They were surrounded and accepted as the herd were busy feeding within a few metres of the vehicle! It is such a magical experience to be in the presence of such gentle and majestic creatures while they go about their buisness!

During the day the elephant herd has been joining the resident dagga boys and all the usual suspects for refreshments and it is a wonder there is still water left.
The action has continued even as the heat subsided after dark has fallen. For a couple of nights we have also been lucky enough to see an African Wild Cat drinking at the dam around 19.00, so maybe tonight will be 3rd time lucky?

Induna also made an appearance on Thursday, walking next to the camera and then on to the wall, for a short rest and a grooming session before moving on. From the lack of tracks found on the reserve, I have a feeling the boys have been in the drainage line all week! Karula being the only leopard found on drive. Patrick spoted her lying on a termite mound and then hunting a duiker! I can't wait for December to see if she has cubs!

Written by Tara Pirie

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