Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just like buses

No blogs from me for two weeks and then two in succession. Just like buses as they say.

Anyway, I have a couple of minutes between meetings so I figured I would use the time to tell you more about our future plans.

First I think it is worth my mentioning that I listen and take note of all of your comments, good and bad. They provide some great feedback which is one of the key elements in our designing new systems and expanding Safari TV. It’s an easy statement to write but nonetheless very true.

We are now the world’s leading 3d live wildlife content provider. Our current 3d system is a prototype and has its faults, but even taking that into account it is an exceptional set up, producing amazing 3d content as well as 2d. Of-course there have been bugs in the system, which are to be expected with any prototype, but we do have some very clever folks working behind the scenes and working through the bugs very quickly. Whether it be stereographers, camera experts, control software specialists or whatever, we have gathered together a great design team. The others are wondering how we do it, but that’s our secret.

So to the future. Well that simple...we’re designing two brand new vehicles that will operate in two locations in Sabi Sand. One at home in Djuma, and the other in second location. Both will be controlled by a director in Final Control who will switch from vehicle to vehicle dependant on sightings. I did hear the comments on this previously and we will not only focus on the ‘big and furry’, but all wildlife.

When? Well we’re just completing the design stage and then we need to build and so it isn’t likely to be this year, but it will be as soon as we can.

And why? Well that is easy. We want you to have the best interactive wildlife experience we can produce.

Written by Will Fox


  1. This news is great and welcome, Will! Can I coax you to tell us when we might be getting dives as well as drives? Is that still in the plan?

  2. Hi Will,
    My wife and I were hooked on for many months but now we rarely watch. Wildearth now has no archives and we are in Australia so the time difference makes catching the live drives impossible. helps us out but often the segments are missing or lack audio.
    Mostly we stopped because the 2D picture quality is so bad it is frustrating to watch. I'm sure this is a result of limited bandwidth requiring extreme compression and low resolution of the video stream, but it used to be a lot better. We understand you are in development and you are running for free with advertising so aren't complaining, just letting you know why we as lovers of the African wild have stopped watching (for now).