Monday, October 11, 2010

News from the bush

October 12th

After an exceptionally hot day yesterday, perhaps one of the hottest on record, the first thunderheads of the season mushroomed on the horizon from mid-afternoon, building up to a dark mass of cloud that rolled in from the West. WE were all excited and charged as lightning lit up the evening sky shortly after sunset and thunder rolled in the distance. It seemed the storms raged all around us yet we were blessed with but a few drops of rain.

Conditions were perfect for the onset of fires with a tinder dry bushveld and all it took was a well placed strike of lightning for fires to flare. After dinner, Suzanne and I went out on to the open area near camp to see how close the fires were, their presence indicated by the orange glow of the low cloud hanging over the Sabi Sand. Several fires raged, two in the South, one outside the reserve in the North and another to the Northwest beyond the village of Dixie.

I will find out later today what happened to the fires within the reserve.

On another tack, a short note to update everyone on the presenter try-outs we have been having:

On Thursday, 14th October, WE will be watching the fourth in this group of presenter try-outs as Riaan takes the morning drive. Riaan is a local South African and will be coming from an area known as the Waterberg, a range of mountains in the northern part of the country in the Limpopo province. The area is known for its rugged mountain ranges and deep valleys as well as world class conservation areas.

Still on the subject of drives, I will be presenting to a school on Tuesday afternoon for the last hour of the drive and will be looking at animal habitats and homes as well as ‘animal moms and dads’ for a class of first graders at Brush College School in Decatur, Illinois. I am looking forward to being able to find some great examples of these subjects and answering questions from the kids.

To end this blog, here is a photo of the young Styx male whilst we sat with him at Buffelshoek dam yesterday. I believe he has been quite successful at his own hunts, bringing down a Kudu cow recently in another part of the Styx’s range. I think he was being a bit optomistic drooling over the herd of buffalo at the dam.

Written by Marc

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