Sunday, November 7, 2010

Finding you

I thought I should take a moment to explain how our signal gets to you from Djuma. I know that there has been confusion about the power outage in Hoedspruit yesterday and the net result on our broadcast, so I figured I should let you know how this can affect us all.
First off is to recognise that we need to send a huge amount of data, which means we need a high bandwidth connection, different to the normal consumer type connections.
Okay, so the route to you is as follows. First we send our signal via a micro wave (radio) link up to a repeater mast located on a mountain approximately 40 kilometers away. This radio signal is then bounced down into the nearest town Hoedspruit. In Hoedspruit the signal enters a fibre optic network which links to Johannesburg and then up the coast of Africa and Europe and into Docklands in London. From Docklands it runs through to the Wild Earth server located in Dublin Ireland. Wild Earth then broadcast to you.

Believe it or not it is the simplest route to get the broadcast to you, but thats the challenge of operating in the African bush.

Written by Will Fox


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  2. Thanks Will for the explanation of this. I do have a question and hoping you can answer and explain, Is there more bandwidth that you can purchase to improve the signal and if so when do you think that can be expected?

    I love the drives as does everyone however its quite frustrating, and I am sure to you all as well, to see the integrity dwindle to the point of seeing just colors on the screen. Could you tell us in another blog perhaps, what WE plans on doing to improve what we see, and also what is the tv audience seeing if this is the signal that is being sent?

    Thanks Will I'm being patient with all the progress, and with you letting us know what can be expected from WE on the improvements will help in keeping us all patient. Have a great day ! :-)