Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It has been confirmed that our queen of Djuma is once again a mother as she was seen in the company of a cub at a burrow in a termite mound near the old hyena den on Zoe's Rd. WE had seen her investigating the site only 2 days prior to this and it is truly remarcable that she has decided to den there. For now. There is no telling for how long.

Since this is the first time she has been seen with her new litter, there has been a lot of debate on the merits of going to the den, viewing and filming the saga as it unfolds and the impact this will have on them. WE have made a decision to hold back a day or two to see how she adjusts to the presence of vehicles, to monitor her behaviour towards them and to make a decision on when we will see them based on these results.

Since she has successfully raised two litters in the presence of vehicles and has mostly ignored their movement, we are hoping that within the next couple of days she may show indifference and we will decide to visit the den accordingly.

WE are aware that there are many anxious viewers who have followed this leopard and her clan over time and cannot wait to see the next chapter in their history; and we will, soon. The most important factor, the most important fact, is to consider the welfare and the privacy of one of nature's most magnificent cats.

The animals must come first.

Stay tuned!



  1. Absolutely agree! She must have time to work with her cub(s) before we even begin to intrude on her and her new family. Thank you Marc for keeping her safe for us and we will wait patiently for those who know best when we can see them!!!

  2. You're the best, Marc!! We trust you--we know you want to see the baby (babies) just as much as we do!

  3. Yes Marc, the animals needs do come first, I can wait however long till the time is right

  4. I believe, that however un-stressed Karula appears to be with vehicles, it is wrong to concentrate on viewing her new cubs just now.
    Animals are not silly, and maybe a predator will watch what is going on with vehicles around Karula's den, and it therefore possible that this could all end in tragedy.
    Just let us give Karula the space she needs to care for her new babies - she will introduce them as soon as she, and they, are ready. There is no prize for people getting first shots of the babies, but I honestly believe that we could put them in danger if we are not careful.
    Yes Marc - I agree - just keep a careful watch and stay away for a while.
    Thank you.