Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The right desk

Folks, I have had quite a few questions and suggestions recently about the Wildearth website archiving and the website in general. While it is great to know that our viewers are keen to help, these questions have highlighted that there may be some confusion as to the role of Safari Television.
As you know we formed Safari Television in March of this year as a new company and took over ownership of the facilities at Djuma and responsibility for the production of content. Although Safari Television is a subsidiary of WildEarth media and the management teams of both companies work together on a daily basis, the two companies are separate entities with separate roles and responsibilities.
To put it in a nut shell, Safari Televisions role is that of a producer of content for exclusive distribution by WildEarth media, which includes the Internet distribution. Therefore your suggestions re the WildEarth website are best served by sending them to the appropriate address as shown on the website.
Of-course you should still contact Safari Television with any content related queries or suggestions and both companies welcome your communication, but to ensure that they are not lost, it is important that your comments arrive on the right desk for consideration.
Written by Will Fox

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