Saturday, November 13, 2010

That dam cam

Another update on the water hole camera for you. As most of you will know we have experienced some big lightning storms over the last two weeks, which have affected our water hole camera. The net result is that we have two broken cameras and numerous other control equipment damage.
We have put in a temporary fix to get at least a minimum signal to you, but what next?
Well... we could replace the broken equipment with similar and hope the storms stay away, in other words hobble along at risk as we have been.
However, we have been working on a new system design for quite a while that would be installed in a new location (still on Gowrie dam) with white light to give colour at night and the facility for viewers to be able to log on and operate the camera during our night hours, while we are asleep.
As you might imagine there are many new elements to be engineered and assessments made for this new system, but as we are almost there, we have decided to go straight to the end game.
This will mean that we will have to stay with our temporary fix for a short while until we have the new equipment delivered to Djuma, and to be honest we will have to introduce the new system in sections to speed things up, but we are making progress.
Written by Will Fox

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  1. Thanks Will for the update! Exciting times! I appreciate all you and your team do to bring wild africa to us!