Thursday, December 2, 2010

Baby Boom!

Hi everyone!

With the large animal sightings being few, we have been privileged in seeing so many new borns this week!

In the early morning golden glow, baby impala are taking their first glimpses of their new home, the daunting but beautiful African bush. In a short while we will be viewing the impala races, as they become more aware of their abilities and strengthening their muscles by chasing each other round and round the adults! For the time being though, they are happy to stay close to the mothers for protection. Which is a wise decision with the Lady of Djuma also needing to provide for her, possible, two cubs! Marc has been lucky to see her in Impala plains area, which seems to have been her area of preference for hunting recently. By the looks of it she may have already moved den sites though. This is normal to avoid detection by other predators, but I wonder if it is also to move the cubs closer to hunting grounds, so she isn't away too long from them, with all the hyena in the area!

We were also able to catch the day old wildebeest on camera. Marc found the very fresh afterbirth on the open area and sure enough the next day I saw the tan coloured calf also keeping very close to mum's side! The baby zebra, on the other hand, from the same family we have seen a lot of, has been entertaining us with it's antics! It is becoming bolder every time we find them, giving us a wonderful sight!

The Gowrie Gang have also had a baby boom, with Mrs Psycho and LB giving birth within a couple of days of each other! They are so full of beans and only just a week old! I am looking forward to following their development in the next few months!

Written by Tara


  1. I love the babies! and the zebra pic is wonderful! Thanks Tara!

  2. Tara, who are Mrs Psycho and LB ?? I must have missed something at one point.
    Thanks !!! Nicole Theoret, Longueuil, QC, Canada