Monday, December 6, 2010

Encoder trouble.

As some might already have seen on our Facebook page or heard from Final Control, our 'encoder' stopped working. From what we can see a chip on the motherboard has burned through, but whether it's that or something else, the unfortunate situation is that it is not working. Melusi has tried every way possible to 'contact' the device, but without success.

As this is not something that can be fixed in the bush, it will need to be sent to the manufacturer for exchange or repair. As Will is on his way to the UK, he will take it with him and send it to Canada (where the manufacturer is located from there) once he gets to London as that seems the quickest way.

In the mean time we are working on getting a replacement unit sent to us as soon as possible, but have no feedback yet how much time this will take. As soon as we hear more, we'll let all of you know too!

Until the new unit arrives it will unfortunately not be possible to broadcast LIVE game drives as the encoder is an essential piece of equipment on the Ganda. It's role is to take the video and audio from the camera and microphone respectively and convert it into a form that can be read by the receiving equipment in Final Control. Without it we can still record on the vehicle, but we'll have to take the recording and then do this conversion ('encoding') on a computer in Final Control afterwards.

Until the new encoder arrives we will therefore still go out on drive, 'encode' these in Final Control after the Ganda is back at camp, and then play them out as pre-recorded. While this is obviously not the same as seeing them LIVE, its the best we can do for now.

--- Peter

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