Friday, December 10, 2010

News of Karula and recent drives

Hi everyone!

What a lucky lady! Siphiwe had a very quick glimpse of Karula crossing Vuyatela access road, on her way to work yesterday morning! She looked to be carrying a cub across the road into the North. I wonder if her den is somewhere behind camp! Unfortunately we haven't seen her since but we will keep you up dated!

I can't believe the turn around since my last blog! After a very unsuccessful drive a couple of days ago, yesterday, Dec 9th, we had 4 out of the big 5!

At Buffleshoek dam we were entertained by the raft of hippo including young Bob, who insisted the old dagga boy buffalo moved out of their sunning spot. Bob tried to show how fierce he/she was by yawning but it was only when the rest of the family came to help, did the buffalo take any notice and decide to move!

After such a long absence of the tawny cat we were excited to even see the 2 young males from the Nkahuma pride sleeping in some thick bush. I spent some time with them, but it soon became clear they were not going to move any time soon. In the morning I tried to follow up on the tracks, but it looks like they have headed West. From their sleeping spot on Drakensberg drive, taking Bateleur road onto Weaver's Nest and then to Philamons cutline.

We happen to be driving past Buffleshoek dam again after seeing the hippo and buffalo, when I noticed two rhino sitting in the water on the Northern side of the dam. It turned out to be the crash of 5 rhino including the floppy eared male!

After a wonderful afternoon drive which included a brief encounter with a male elephant who was in the early stages of musth and decided to tell me so by giving a warning charge! We were lucky enough to spend some quality time with a couple of small families during this morning's, Dec 10th drive. The first family on Mamba road was a female with 2 calves of different ages, she was so relaxed she came close to the vehicle and even the young bull around 4 years old was intrigued by us!
The second family had a baby around 4 months old and a female with an unusual tusk growth. I hoped to attach pictures but alas the laptop is still down. I will publish them as soon as possible.

The morning was a little quiet except for the elephants and we did have a nice buffalo sighting at twin dams. I followed the lion tracks but they have gone to the West and there were large male leopard tracks on cheetah cut line heading north, then turned west, but he was not located. Maybe Patrick will have some luck with the illusive leopard this afternoon!

That's all for now folks! Thank you for being so patient, we hope to show this footage soon, but will let you know when to look out for it. I will try and get the pictures up as soon as possible too.

Have a great day everyone!
Written by Tara


  1. Wonderful news Tara!!! Thank you for posting. Hugs!!

  2. Great Blog. Please do an audio sign-in at what would be drive times. That will keep the Djunkies cool and happy.

  3. Thank you for the update Tara! Looking forward to seeing these drives!

  4. I agree Reynold. Perhaps just prior to drive the director can come into room and give a brief update as well to us on the previous drive findings. That would be wonderful. Thanks Tara for the posting, enjoyed reading it and it sounds like you enjoyed the drive as well. Can't wait to see them.

  5. Wonderful Tara! Four of the big five... awesome! And lucky Siphiwe seeing a glimpse of our Queen of Djuma!

  6. I also echo the thanks yous above. I am glad you got to see all the animals you did. And I agree Siphiwe was very lucky indeed to see Karula. I really look forward to seeing the pictures and the rides. Have a wonderful evening!

  7. So glad you got to see four of the big five Tara. Can't wait to see the drive. The lions will be enough for me. Thanks to all you guys for the good work. Fred P