Wednesday, December 8, 2010

PM drive 7 Dec

Hi everyone!
This is going to be a short one! Although there was rain through the night and day until about 14.45, only about 20ml fell! The roads were extremely wet due to the high amount of rain that had fallen a few days before and I think it had an impact on the game. We found a small herd of Dagga boys by the pump house, but they moved quickly into the bush to catch on camera. There have been plenty of impala young out and about on quarantine and I think Mixo was hoping to hunt when we saw him 3 nights ago on the way to dinner!

The hyena den on Zoe's road was reported as being active, but by the time we got there the adult and juvenile cub were gone. I understand it wasn't the female with two notches in her right ear who we followed for a while, but another with a much older cub. We shall keep an eye on the den in case she uses it again!

I hope we have more success with game tomorrow! We shall keep you posted on the sightings to look out for on the pre recorded drives.

Written by Tara


  1. Thank you Tara, you all at WE are so good to us and I truly mean that!!!

  2. Thanks Tara! We had fun watching the baby impala at the waterhole today... and a great shot of a zebra swimming across! Look forward to your blogs... I love WE!