Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sightings from 12 to 16 Dec.

Hi everyone! Sorry for the silence, but we have just come back online so here is the first part in the run down on the latest sightings we have had. It has been quiet over all but we have had a few great sightings!

The Lady of Djuma has shown her self a couple of times this week. The first being the PM drive on the 12 Dec. She was found sitting beneath a Marula tree on the West side of the quarantine area. After she climbed the majestic specimen, it became clear she had recently killed 2 young impala. The mother of one still calling out to try and find her lost baby. Later on that evening after drive ended we found 7 young hyenas all from 6 months on wards outside our house waiting for the adults to call them to food!

Dec 14th. The PM drive brought more buffalo males at twin dams and a particularly nice and peaceful sighting of a single old bull in a mud pool for 1, with a couple of oxpeckers dinning out on his ticks! After driving around for a while, we heard a squirrel shouting in the drainage line East of Twin Dams. After some investigating we found a huge monitor lizard strolling towards the dam. It was so relaxed we spent some time with it until a call came in about Induna being on Mvubu road. We got there just in time to watch him meander past the vehicle and in to the drainage line.

There seems to be a cycle of rain every 3 days at the moment, this was true for the 15th Dec. When we finally got out on drive we had such a special sighting of giraffe sparing! They were oblivious to our presence and allowed us to get up close to the action! As we sat there, two younger males also decided to follow their example, it was like a master class for necking!

Patrick had a wonderful Am drive on the 16th, seeing a Elephant bull, buffalo and the crash of 5 rhino again! The luck stayed with us for the PM drive too. We found 3 rhino on Cheetah cutline, a bull and what at first I thought was a female with a calf of around 5 years old. She was being agressive towards the bull. I thought he was trying to pursue her and she wasn't interested. I later noticed it was actually a young male and he was being agressive towards the older bull who was the territory owner and it looked like he was gently persuading him to leave! If that wasn't exciting enough, we had a family of elephants join us during the whole escapade! We decided to leave the rhinos, as the dispute wasn't being resolved and followed the elephants. Much to our surprise they were joined by another family herd including the female with the odd tusk growth. She gave us such a thrill by coming right up to the vehicle in such a gentle manner, what a grand old lady! With a spectacular sunset it was certainly a fitting way to end the day! Over whelmed by the day's events we heading back for dinner.

One thing you learn about living in the bush , is magic moments can happen by being in the right place at the right time and it was never more true than that night! As I drove back from the house, after dinner, I noticed a large shape moving into the road from the fence around the house. As I drove closer I saw it was Karula! She must have been at the fence listening to us talking! Nobody had seen her or tracks since the 12th and now it seemed as if she was waiting to show herself. She stepped into the road as i came around the corner. I would have missed her if I had left a few seconds before or after! I was hoping to find her in the morning but alas she vanished again with out trace! What a special lady!

Written by Tara


  1. Thank you for the blog Tara!! It is so good to hear about the animals in Djuma and especially Karula. Hugs!!

  2. It does seem like Karula misses her special peeps too and needs to come around camp and see y'all! Thanks for the great information, Tara!