Friday, January 28, 2011

Blogging for frogging

The weather has delayed our efforts to investigate the aquatic environment of the seasonal pans and mud wallows with an emphasis on the frogs that are found here in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. Once again, WE are going to attempt to get our feet wet and muddy by exploring one of these water bodies in the hope that WE can show our viewers a world hidden from view but inhabited by some of nature's quirkiest creatures.

There are beetles and bugs that are seldom seen as they are able to exist either in the air or under the water, having adapted to this environment in such a way that they are no longer capable of functioning on land.

There are spiders that carry air bubbles like scuba tanks or aqua-lungs, spiders that hunt fish and tadpoles and a variety of small predators under the surface that make science fiction seem like a fairy tale.

Whilst WE will be looking for some of these reMarcable creatures, our main focus, of course, will be on frogs and their lives and hopefully a tadpole or 2.

Please join us tonight after the PM safari at 19hoo CAT as we brave crocodiles, mosquitoes, lions and other creatures of the night to bring you this new segment.


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