Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Karula has been seen!

Hi everyone! It is great to be back and what a wonderful surprise to see the lady of Djuma her self yesterday on drive!

We were going to respond to a sighting of possibly one of the boys on Mvubu road, but he had made his way into think bush before we could get there. So I had decided to quickly check Twin dams for any movement. We found very uneasy impala rams, giving an alarm call, looking towards the drainage line. Following their line of sight, we saw Karula strolling around the corner towards us!

She was busy marking her territory and made her way into the river bed where we lost sight of her. Our patience was rewarded with a fantastic view of her emerging from the bush, rubbing her cheek on a tree before slowly walking around the back of Ganda, to continue her patrol!

Looking hungry, she was continually checking out possible meals, but sadly the elements were not in her favour. The closest she came to making a kill was on Bateleur road, a few meters from a small group of Nyala, who suddenly detected her, gave their deep barking call and scattered!

We had to leave her as she crossed into the riverbed to Nyala road South, to allow other vehicles to see her. According to Marc, she has used den sites in that area when she had the boys. Could she be checking the area out again to move her cubs there? I truly hope so!

Towards the end of drive after catching up with 4 rhinos, we headed back to Nyala road South to catch a final glimpse of her before she disappeared into the thick bush, possibly making her way back to Buffleshoek, where the den is thought to be at the moment. It was confirmed by Texan, 2 cubs have been seen, but sex is still unknown.

With any luck she will move them back here soon and we might have chance to catch our first glimpse of the cubs, now around 2 months old.

Written by Tara

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