Sunday, January 23, 2011

Is Karula on the move?

Gijima and Nkuhuma 23 Jan 2011
Hi everyone!

There's no wonder Karula might be on the move! The Nkuhuma pride and Gijima male lions have been in the same area she was last seen denning with her cubs, around Tamboti dam on Buffleshoek Cutline.

Last night the Vervet monkeys, who are sitting outside my room as I write this, were calling outside camp around 19.15 as I got back from drive and later around 22.00. We couldn't be sure but we thought a leopard may have been on the prowl, even the impala looked a bit uneasy as we drove home from dinner. To satisfy our curiosity we did a lap around the old quarantine area and the car park but the search was fruitless.

It was only when there was a report of male leopard tracks being in Vuyatela's car park this morning, could we confirm our suspicions were right! They possibly belonged to one of the boys.

Following them on Central road from Gowrie dam, then North onto Gowrie Cut line, I noticed different size tracks also heading North. It turned out to be Karula's spoor with possible tracks of the cubs along side hers! I lost them close to the junction with Buffleshoek cutline, she may have moved further East into the drainage line, to avoid the Nkuhuma and Gijima lions. Especially as the lions are still mating in the area on the fire break. I did find fresh tracks and urine from the rest of the lion pride just South of Tamboti dam on Buffleshoek Cut line, so she may have moved them already to avoid detection.

Karula's spoor 23 Jan 2011

We still haven't seen the cubs, who are around 2 months old now, but as they get older the chance of seeing them is getting greater! Lets hope it is soon!

Written by Tara


  1. Thank you Tara,myself I really appreciate updates as to what is going on

  2. Thank you dear Tara!!! You have no idea what a wonderful asset you are to WE! Hugs

  3. Tara Thank you for this marvelous detection and report about the Lady of Djuma and her cubs! Yes even though the honeymoon lion couple seem to have eyes only for each other, it could be tragic if they spotted Ms K and her babies. Thanks again!