Thursday, January 13, 2011

Karula on Sandy Patch!

Karula 30/8/10
Hi everyone!

Karula was seen by Marc last night on drive on Sandy Patch North. The signal was intermittent as it usually is in that area. But to know she was there is great! As I understand from one of the guides, it sounds like she could be denning just North of Tamboti dam. Which is the dam on the Northern side of Buffleshoek cutline, opposite Mvubu road. We might have a chance at seeing the cubs soon, if she moves them from there to a location on our traversing area, which is a high possibility as we have been seeing her on Western Gowrie in the last 3 days.

Here is a map of our traversing area. You can see the relative distances of the places I have mentioned and she looks to be moving around 2km from the possible site at most. This ties in with the research that was done on a female leopard in a different area, who didn't hunt further than 2km from her den and averaged 1.5km.

Siphiwe possibly saw her on the way into work this morning. She saw a leopard crouching down in the long grass in the Sandy Patch area again. This time close to Vuyatela access road around 7.00 AM. I wonder, if it is her, does she have a kill in that area as she was there last night or has she moved the cubs already?

Written by Tara


  1. Seems that these days WE are hearing about more reported sightings of Karula than of Elvis!

  2. LOL! Not sure how well she sings though!