Monday, January 17, 2011

Karula's family tree - Her Father, Mafufunyane

Mafufunyane 11 Nov 2010
Hi everyone!

No news about the lady herself for the last few days. We have driven around the areas she might be, but no tracks of her. So as we sit on the edge of our seats waiting for her and the cubs, I thought I would remind everyone of Karula's family tree! Inspired by a question asked by Dave on drive this morning! It is amazing to think we have 4 generations all within a few km of each other!

Mafufunyane, is a big male leopard, who we may have had the tracks of this morning walking North on Cheetah cut line. This is Karula's father. He was born in Mala Mala, the game reserve that lies to the South of us. He was born towards the end of 1998 and was called "the angry one" possibly because he would steal kills and cause a nuisance to the other leopards in the area! He has settled down quite considerably now though!

Mafufunyane 11 Nov 2010

When we see him it is usually around Gowrie Main, Shabam road and the pans on that junction and sometimes Cheetah cut line. The other males in the area are putting pressure on him but seems to be holding his own, for now!

Even though he is thought to be Karula's father, he could possibly have sired her first set of cubs. These are her daughter's who we know as Tingana and Saseka. The rest of the guides know them as Shadow and Thandi respectively.

I find the black marks below his eyes are thicker than on other leopards and he has an extremely thick neck. I do wonder if Karula got her WOW on her forehead from her father? Look closely!

Written by Tara, with thanks to Karen and Colleen for providing the information from the databases on


  1. If you also look closely at Tinganas cub the pix the one to the right ..look at her forehead markings... Do you also see an almost WOW there? I have a pix of them on my desktop.. This cub sure reminds me of her gma.

  2. See if this works .. link to the pix I was talking about.!/photo.php?op=1&view=global&subj=55067818300&pid=31986314&id=1265877481&oid=55067818300&fbid=1733756184815