Friday, January 28, 2011

Live and Non Live

Hi Folks
As you all know we have been running non live repeated content in between game drives on our website player. I have listened to all your feedback which let me know this has caused a lot of confusion, especially as the live and non live bug displayed on the player has not always been correct.
We want to address this bug issue and avoid any further confusion as well as make some associated technical changes to the player and so for a short while we will revert to only showing live game drives in 2d on the web player.
Part of the technical changes will include the long waited upgrade to the archive facility which is currently being completed by WildEarth interactive. The new archive facility will be quite something and is almost there. The website guys just need to shake out a few of the wrinkles, which I am told could be as soon as a few days.
In the meantime enjoy our live drives in 2d. They are live no longer any confusion.

One other thing, I would like to put a request out to all our viewers to help us to increase our face book membership numbers by inviting everyone you know to be part of the safari channel face book page. Our target is to get to 20,000 friends, and to do that we need your help.

Written by Will Fox


  1. Are you aware that for many of us, we can't "friend" you on Facebook, as it makes you open up your privacy settings to a level that many of us will not accept.

    North Dakota

  2. Great the reruns were a terrible idea, and I would love to go back to the Gowrie Cam rather than the confusing rehash. The edited portions were not fun. We like to feel part of the journey and not just glimpsing at past experiences. Glad to see the Archives will be back. Were you able to get the Historic Archives off of Zap. As far as the 3D is concerned, I would be grateful to never hear about this old and out dated technology ever again.

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  4. Am I in the minority? I love the non live repeated drives as it's difficult for me to watch live as much as I would like.

    I would love to help with Facebook friends, but sadly no one I know wants to risk privacy issues. That includes my own husband who uses my access to get to your page. I will happily continue to "like" and promote as much as I can. :-)

    Pennsylvania, US

  5. I too like the non live repeated drives as I also can't always watch, actually usually can't, two entire drives a day, so the 'glimpses at past experiences' are great for me. Re Facebook, I do, and will continue to try, to get others to sign on, but I know privacy is the issue for many. Hasn't been a problem for me as I do not share personal information there that I would not want people to know.

    Thanks for all you and your team do for us, Will!