Saturday, January 22, 2011

Live vs Pre Recorded

Due to a lot of confusion as to whether the stream is live or pre-recorded, WE have decided to remove the "LIVE" banner on the screen. From this point forward, if the drive is pre-recorded, there will be the banner on the top left of the screen to say so.
If there is no banner and there are no "stings" (the 3D safari banner that flashes across the screen during the drive as it does on pre-recorded), then the drive is live. There are other signs that it is live; there are no "cuts" from one scene to another as well as the fact that the drive is continuous, whether WE see animals or not. WE hope this helps to identify the different broadcasts.

Many thanks,



  1. Could we have a date, please, on the LIVE DRIVE.

  2. Thanks for your effort to clarify and explain.

    Linda Revere